Parfetts rewards staff with exceptional cost of living bonus

Guy Swindell

Parfetts, the Stockport-based cash and carry business, has announced payment of an exceptional cost of living bonus for its staff of up to £500.

This is independent of a company-wide sales bonus of up to two per cent of salary.

The retailer said this is in recognition of the hard work and dedication of its workforce.

Staff were told over the weekend that the annual sales bonus will be paid early this year and is supplemented by a cost of living bonus.

All bonuses will be paid tax-free to team members.

Teams in the best performing depots of Aintree, Liverpool, and Middlesbrough, received a four per cent bonus.

The two depots saw sales growth of 21% and 18%, respectively.

Parfetts has seen sales exceed £600m for the first time, an increase of more than five per cent on the last financial year.

Joint managing director, Guy Swindell, said: “As an employee-owned business our people are at the heart of everything we do.

“It is the hard work and dedication of everyone at Parfetts that drives our continued success. We wanted to look at how we can support people with the current cost of living crisis and took the decision to pay an additional bonus this year.”

He added: “Over the past 12 months, we’ve focused on providing a high level of service, product range and price to our customers. With the continued expansion of our delivered operation and the recruitment of new customers to the Go Local fascia estate, we have achieved a record sales figure.

“Parfetts has continued to grow, despite significant sales periods overlapping last year’s lockdowns and the aftershocks of the COVID pandemic. Looking forward, there are significant opportunities for growth as we continue to evolve our offer to support our customers.”

In the past year Parfetts has reinvested back into the business to support customers. It has advanced plans to improve and expand its depots, rapidly grow the delivered service, and expanded its fascia operations.

Mr Swindell added: “Our retailers continue to tell us they appreciate the personal approach with great availability and value. It’s an approach that supported record growth in turnover and the number of retailers in our Go Local fascia.”