India opening for Liverpool IT recruiter

Liverpool Science Park

Global IT development and staffing firm Inceptial Technologies UK has expanded its global presence with a new office in India.

The Liverpool Science Park-headquartered company with offices in Manchester and Birmingham said the new office in Kolkata will enable IT companies to source India’s “best in class” talent as the “great resignation” continues.

Inceptial UK is currently servicing several big IT players across the North West region in the workforce management space.

Over recent years India has become recognised globally for its supply of IT professionals, enabling UK companies to scale up or ramp down to gain flexibility at an affordable cost.

Co-founder and head of operations, Momita Saha Choudhury said: “Finding the perfect resource is tremendously difficult at this time and our new Kolkata development centre is a solution to what has become a crisis for small and medium IT companies based in the north of the UK.”

She added: “The shortage of developers and IT engineers in the UK has very much come to a crunch point. Salaries of Developers, Testers and Cloud Solution Architects have gone up by 30% in the last one year.

“Our talented staff in Kolkata offer great English speaking skills, communication and a dedication to the highest levels of customer service.”

Inceptial Technologies UK, through its founder, is a member of TiE UK North and TiE Kolkata.

President of TiE UK North Tony Walker said: “Inceptial is a part of TiE UK North and we are delighted that the company has expanded into India to provide companies in the north of the UK with the talent and skills that will help them achieve their growth ambitions.

“We live in a world without geographies and TiE welcomes this move by Inceptial.”