Significant investment by Standish group in 18 new eco-friendly trucks

Ainscough Crane Hire has invested in its fleet with the addition of 18 new Scania trucks.

The Scania 660 SXT trucks have arrived as part of Ainscough’s ongoing investment programme.

Lighter in weight than previous trucks, the aerodynamically designed models enable improved levels of fuel consumption in line with Ainscough’s goals of becoming carbon neutral.

The new trucks will also enable the company’s staff to take advantage of the HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) fuel bunkers present at all depots following its recent switch to HVO.

The vehicles feature electric plugs which can be used while idle at depots and certain customer sites, further increasing Ainscough’s fuel efficiency.

As the trucks run on single fuel tanks, Scania was able to add additional storage space where the second fuel tank would previously sit. The space allows drivers to stow away PPE and safety gear, as opposed to carrying it with them in the cab.

Chris Britton, general manager for heavy cranes and transport at Standish-based Ainscough Crane Hire, said: “The main difference we have with this model is that we have a single fuel tank, because we can now take advantage of the HVO bunkers at all of our depots across the UK.

“In conjunction with Scania we have made certain adaptations to this model. All of these upgrades means an enhanced working environment for our staff and an improved service for Ainscough customers, as well as helping us achieve our goal of becoming carbon neutral.”

Earlier this year Ainscough become the first national crane company in the world to commit to using HVO in its fleet.

The move covers Ainscough’s 400+ cranes and 30+ transport and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

Ainscough anticipates that the adoption of HVO will result in a further CO2 reduction of up to 90%, saving in excess of 14,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. An additional five per cent reduction has been achieved through wider energy saving initiatives with the rest met through the use of UK-based residual carbon offsetting.

Ainscough previously invested in 10 Scania trucks in 2021.