‘Revolutionary’ app to begin testing following £1.5m seed investment

Justin Clark, left, and Andrew Barlow

A Manchester app designer is set to begin testing a ‘revolutionary’ product after raising £1.5m seed investment.

Chatloop is aiming to launch an app that bridges the gap between brands and users by allowing consumer interaction in ways never seen before, it says.

It will begin beta testing on December 5, following its successful development and funding cycle by former AppLearn co-founder Andrew Barlow.

He says his app is about to make a huge stir, because the unique user interface makes every website social by connecting brands and people, in real time conversations.

Andrew said: “Chatloop has been so well received, and we are delighted to be announcing the initial phase of beta testing will begin on December 5.

“We have formed an unrivalled team of tech and business experts, and the support we have had from investors, brands and potential customers, is unheard of.

“This developmental, early access phase is set to take about three months, so we can properly test the system, but we’re very much looking forward to the full release early next year.”

He added: “Feedback is so important to us, and the collaboration between Chatloop, brands and our communities, is already well under way. This is a product that brands are already telling us that they love, and having the backing from investors, as well as being able to draw upon our advisory board of experts, means that we are quietly confident that beta testing will go smoothly.”

The Chatloop team has also been bolstered by the appointment of Justin Clark to its advisory board, one of Britain’s leading social media figures.

Justin has spent years at the forefront of the social media industry in the UK, working with some of the world’s biggest brands and businesses. He is also the founder of Social North, the largest growing industry event and community in the North.

He said: “It is very rare that a new social media product enters the market that has such scope to cause revolutionary change, and that’s exactly what Chatloop can provide.

“Chatloop has genuinely managed to find two or three problem areas with current social media platforms, from the perspectives of users and brands, and develop a solution by combining excellent development with impressive new technology. It really contains the best parts of many other platforms without any pitfalls, and the revenue model is incredibly sustainable.”

He added: “Users and brands who are fed up with traditional social media, or want a new way to experience the internet and social media, need to check out Chatloop. It is providing genuine solutions to many of the pain points associated with current social media platforms, and I know people are going to love it.”

The Chatloop senior team includes corporate finance and investment professional Charlotte Ashton as strategic advisor, AppLearn founder Mark Barlow, and former JD Sports head of social, Sadie Wilson, as vice president marketing.

With more than four billion social media users worldwide, Chatloop has ambitious growth plans and is already in talks with leading sports businesses, broadcasters and fashion brands.