Something for the weekend: Check out a podcast

The Northern Spin podcast

OK, full disclosure, I do a podcast. 

It’s called Northern Spin, it’s primarily a podcast about politics, but from a Northern perspective, not just Westminster navel gazing.

This week it reached the dizzy heights of 14th in the Apple podcast charts. 

Download numbers are up 108 per cent in the last 30 days while subscriber numbers have grown by 30 per cent over the same period.

The podcast is made by Manchester-based production company What Media and the show’s sponsors – Oscar and Lily Shippen – have committed to sponsor all 10 episodes of Season 3.

Co-presenter Chis Maguire said: “The podcast started as being 30 minutes in duration but we’ve extended it to 45 minutes because we’ve got so much material to cram in.

“It seems to have brought the North together and we couldn’t have done it without the brilliance of What Media and support of our sponsors Oscar and Lily Shippen.”

Chris Townsend, managing director of What Media, said: “It’s been great for us to see Northern Spin go from strength-to-strength and to be part of that success.

“The podcast is building momentum every week, reaching new listeners and new areas all the time. Agreeing to do Season 3 was an easy decision for us to make?”

As a podcast fan, as well as a producer, here are a few others that readers might like.

The Salford Quays based team at BBC Radio 5 Live, fronted by Livvy Haydock, produce some incredible documentary podcasts, notably the Gangster series which has delved into the lives of gangland figures in Liverpool and Salford.

Manchester-based psychologist Professor Damian Hughes co-hosts brilliant interviews with TV presenter Jake Humphrey on the High Performance Podcast. A recent interview with boxer Tyson Fury was a remarkably candid insight into the mind and motivation of ‘The Gypsy King’.

The Lobster Brain podcast has Lisa Morton and Danny Donachie delving into conversations with highly successful people from sport, business and culture, to get insight into how their minds work.

Tortoise Media, my favourite media challenger brand do some great content, notably Sweet Bobbie, a bizarre tale that defies a quick explanation and Hoaxed, about a series of wild allegations about a satanic cult.

And then there’s The Mill, a punchy journalism start-up based in Manchester. As well as a daily email with quality long reads, the editor Joshi Herrmann and broadcaster Daryl Morris do a weekly podcast. It’s informative, gives a bit of background into their weekly stories, and has some good commentary about Manchester life.

I genuinely can’t think of a decent business podcast. So watch this space.