Is your business financially resilient? Register for our webinar with Shawbrook

As the economy continues to struggle, teetering in a state of ‘slowflation’, businesses are seeking ways to the vital maintain headroom and vital cashflow they need to trade through, whilst continuing to stay competitive in the markets in which they operate. There are sectors where this stress is particularly acute, and others where there remains an opportunity.

This webinar from and Shawbrook will look at the challenges and opportunities to finance a growing business in this environment.

On the 21st of June (register here) we’ll be looking at practical ways in which a finance partner can steer a business through the choppy waters of tighter due diligence, expensive debt and tougher access to capital.

The topics to be covered in this forward looking webinar include:

  • Solutions to manage and maintain cash flow

  • Can they unlock the value tied up in their business assets?

  • Can they restructure their debt lines to more flexible structures?

  • Can they invest in solutions to increase productivity or re-tool to develop new income streams?

  • Human expertise to work with SMEs on a case-by-case basis to find flexible structures to help them achieve their goals

  • Hybrid solutions to help trad-through and step off into other leveraged solutions later in the business cycle

Victoria Bond, CEO, Ten Space

Richard Godsland, Financial Director, inprova







Nicola Merritt, Cortus Advisory

Alex Stewart, Cortus Advisory

Scott Thornton, Carnaby Caravans Ltd

Daniel Martin, Shawbrook Bank