Property marketing firm opens Dubai office to promote investment opportunities

Phill Etchells

An Altrincham property marketing firm is expanding by opening a Dubai office to connect UAW developers with UK investors.

Real Estate Marketing Media (REMM) works with property developers and agencies in the UAE to market investment opportunities to buyers across the UK, as well as wider Europe.

The firm is now recruiting a team of experts to head up its new Dubai office, its first permanent overseas base.

The move will enable the business to expand its investor-led services, which involves sourcing high-net-worth individuals and presenting them with overseas investment opportunities.

REMM, which was founded in 2020, has been operating in the Dubai property market since late 2022.

This latest move will see it scale-up operations in the real-estate hotspot, promoting its commercial and residential developments to European buyers.

REMM’s extensive client list of high-net-worth individuals offers overseas developers a chance to connect with a database of global buyers and investors.

The marketing specialist currently works with several Dubai-based property firms, including Prestige Luxury Real Estate.

Phill Etchells, associate at REMM, said: “Increasing numbers of investors and wealthy individuals from the UK and Europe are seeking to purchase property in Dubai. They’re attracted to the lucrative opportunities available in the city, which offers rental yields of up to 10%.

“It’s a hugely appealing destination for potential investors, but it’s essential for them to consider the unique market dynamics and opportunities specific to Dubai when exploring options in the region. That’s why clients tap into our services, so we can guide them through the process.”

He added: “Increasing our presence in Dubai will only strengthen this service, which has proved instrumental in our business growth. We’re looking forward to bringing the Dubai team on board soon and providing further support for our clients in 2023 and beyond.”

Shaun Cullen, managing director at Prestige Real Estate, welcomed REMM’s move, saying: “They have been instrumental in helping us to target UK investors with our Dubai property developments. Their expertise in lead generation and marketing has been invaluable, and we have seen a significant increase in interest from UK investors since we started working with them.”

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