The Italian red that offers an ‘equally exquisite experience at a more accessible price point’

Expert review from Olivia Thompson, sales account manager at Barrique Fine Wines

Olivia Thompson, Barrique

If you have been to one of our recent tasting events, you will have seen and heard Olivia talk passionately about wine as well as giving you excellent tips and clues throughout the blind tasting.

Before joining the Barrique team, she discovered her love of wine working in the wine teams of some fabulous wine bars and restaurants in her native Canada. WSET trained, she is our go to in the office for weekend wine recommendations and hosts monthly wine clubs across Leeds and Sheffield with some of our partner restaurants.

As we enter the season of bundling up and sitting fireside, there’s nothing quite like a bottle of red wine to accompany us. In this sea of choices, one country consistently stands out for its exceptional reds – Italy.

Among my favourites for this time of year is Barbera. This grape boasts deep pigmentation, a refreshing acidity, gentle tannins, and a moderate alcohol content. Whether oaked to mellow the acidity or fermented in concrete to preserve its freshness, Barbera from Piedmont, Italy, shines.

In the company of renowned wines like Barolo and Gavi, Barbera offers an equally exquisite experience at a more accessible price point.

I wholeheartedly recommend Barbera during the holiday season. Its versatility in food pairings makes it an ideal companion for dishes like roasted mushrooms, gamebirds, cherries, cranberries, and roasted greens – a delightful complement to a Christmas dinner.

Beyond its culinary adaptability, Barbera is simply a pleasure to enjoy on its own. Its distinct character and rich flavors make it a delightful choice as you cozy up by the fire. So why not pour yourself a glass of Barbera and savor the joys of the season?

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