Niche Chinese restaurant shuts due to cost of living crisis

(Pic: Lu Ban Restaurant)

Liverpool’s Lu Ban Restaurant has closed.

In a statement on social media, the business, based within the Cains Brewery Village on Stanhope Street, said: “We regret to inform our customers that, after careful consideration, we have decided to permanently close Lu Ban restaurant.

“The closure was not a decision we have taken lightly but was necessary due to a combination of factors.

“The cost of living crisis has reduced footfall to what was always a niche concept.

“This, coupled with increasing financial pressures of running and utility costs, has rendered the business unsustainable.

“We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause to customers who have plans to visit in the near future and where deposits have been paid these will be returned.”

The restaurant, led by chef Dave Critchley, opened in 2019.

It was taken over by Mikhail Hotel & Leisure Group in June. The group has a range of leisure and hospitality businesses across the region, including The Grand and The Bold Hotel in Southport, ArCains, and Punch Tarmey’s in Cains Brewery Village.

Lu Ban cuisine was inspired by the Chinese region of Tianjin.

In China, the name Lu Ban is associated with invention and creativity and dates back to 504-444BC when Lu Ban, revered as a Chinese deity, was a master of craft, invention and innovation.

Its menus offered a range of small and large plates, and set menus to enjoy a wide selection of flavours. A premium wine, beer and cocktail list was available.