Friday high five – the news this week

It’s fitting that we’ve got an event with hospitality and clubbing kingpin Sacha Lord next week.

To prepare I went to the official launch of his new book Tales From The Dance Floor on Thursday, which took me back to my clubbing days: we were only tipped off about the location the day before; when I got there I saw a queue around the block; but I still managed to blag my way in at the front of the queue. 

However, such is my lack of energy these days, I did an early dart from the dark but impressive re-purposed venue for the comforts of my home.

Sacha spoke about the content of his new book with co-writer Luke Bainbridge, but it’s the other things he speaks about frequently that rang true this week.

The leisure and hospitality sector has been taking a hammering, which as Night Time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester, Sacha has done a lot of campaigning lately.

The turmoil at Ashton-under-Lyne headquartered Revolution Bars was one of our biggest stories this week, and with a deeper dive on our Rainmakers platform.

A rescue deal being led by controversial entrepreneur Luke Johnson is designed to address their debt issues, close some sites, and potentially flog off bits of the business that don’t work anymore.

Hospitality, very much like retail and leisure, is such a trend driven sector, as Johnson knows from his previous experience. So on top of the financial engineering they will also need to really interrogate what will work different parts of their customer base. It will be a very different business that emerges.

The shape of Liverpool’s skyline is also changing with the King Edward Triangle neighbourhood within Liverpool Waters, looking at developing high quality residential and mixed-use towers on the site.

I wouldn’t bet against a new bar concept and a Padel Club forming part of that development. But probably not a rave venue.

Have a great weekend.