State of the Region: How important is EU membership to your business?

THE closer we get to a General Election the more prominent does the discussion on the UK’s EU membership become, it seems.

And it’s not just an issue that concerns the fringe parties such as UKIP, politicians from the mainstream parties – especially the Conservatives – are being asked where they stand on the issue.

But what do you think?

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Would the UK’s ‘resignation’ from EU membership provide your business with welcome relief from Brussels regulation or would it leave the UK dangerously isolated from many of our major trading partners? You tell us.’s annual State of the Region Survey is your chance to make your views known and find out what the region’s business community is thinking. Our eight question survey takes less than a minute to complete and gives you the chance to make your views known.

We will be running a series of stories on the survey results from each of our Midlands, Yorkshire and North West regions in the early New Year, comparing the findings from the three.