Bristol agency shakes things up with new leadership team

Jinny Mitchell-Kent and David Chandler

Bristol’s digital product and service design agency, Great State has introduced a new leadership team with Jinny Mitchell-Kent and David Chandler as joint managing directors.

They take over from Stuart Avery, who transitions to non-executive chairman.

Mitchell-Kent, previously the chief operating officer, brings her operational focus and leadership experience from her role at AKQA.

Chandler has been elevated from division director, and his background includes strategic partnerships at Harte Hanks, working with brands like Samsung, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and BMW.

Stuart Avery, non-executive Chairman at Great State said: “Jinny and David have been an integral part of the agency’s significant growth journey over the past two years. They’ve helped to elevate the agency known as a leading digital product and service agency, to one famed for its digital customer experience work with the likes of the Royal Navy, Capita, Honda, and the University of York, which has been key in helping the agency win multiple high-profile awards such as BIMA Gold and the Grand Prix at the Digital Impact awards.

“I look forward to seeing the Jinny-David duo propel the agency, our people, and our clients further into this new era of growth. They are both extremely impressive individuals but together they are a phenomenal team and a force to be reckoned with. Their complementary skill sets in agency operations and building strong client relationships, along with their relentless focus on quality provide Great State with something that is both industry differentiating and powerful.”

Jinny Mitchell-Kent, said: “David is a people-first and collaborative leader who understands the importance of being close to his clients’ work and engages with them at a strategic level. He pushes clients outside of their comfort zone, championing excellent work and driving innovation and quality.

“There’s real power in being a team of two combining skill sets and perspectives to make even stronger decisions to help drive growth for clients and the agency. We both have a relentless desire for new, innovative, different, better, and beautiful. Added to this is a strong focus on combining working models that blend client/agency teams with the use of AI in both our internal delivery and client solutions. I’m thrilled to take on the opportunity of working in partnership with him to lead Great State into our next era, helping to deliver more personalised end-experiences for our clients that positively impact their customers.”

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