Bristol social enterprise looking to expand into new cities

A social enterprise company which supports young people from ethnic minority and low-income backgrounds is expanding into new cities.

Babbasa has helped more than 3,000 young people from about 70 cultural groups in Bristol.

And now chief executive Poku Osei is looking to expand into other cities.

“We could be in 10 cities, but we don’t have that much of resources”, said Mr Osei.

“We’ve been in Bristol tinkering with our model for 10 years, and I believe we understand our model. We know it works.

“The question now is are there other parts of the UK that can do with this model? And indeed other parts of the world that can do with this model?”

The social enterprise company helps young people by coaching them to prepare for work and by creating opportunities with employers.

More than 170 firms in Bristol from a wide range of industries are now working with Babbasa.

Sarah Rogers, a Talent Acquisition Manager at Forrest Brown, said: “Babbasa is a

really supportive organisation. They are really creative about solutions they can offer to employers.

“It’s not just about finding new recruits. They offer skills sessions and sessions around diversity and inclusion.”

In June 2020, Babbasa won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, which recognises outstanding achievement in UK businesses.

Poku Osei also won the Cambridge Social Innovation Prize in July, which celebrates exceptional social entrepreneurs in creating social change through business.

He is now stepping down chief executive of Babbasa in Bristol to take on the role of Founding Director.

A feasibility study will be carried out in 2024 to determine the next two cities Babbasa will work in.