Bristol Council to triple cost of resident’s parking permits

The cost of resident parking permits in Bristol is set to more than triple.

The city council has decided to increase the charge from £56 to £178 per year.

The local authority said the change “reflects the value of road space and the increasing need to support other modes of transport”.

It will also announced that households will also no longer be able to obtain a permit for a third car.

The permits were introduced 12 years ago with the aim of stopping commuters parking in side streets.

Councillor Don Alexander, cabinet member for transport, said “street space” was for all not just for motorists.

He added:  “This is public space and we’re currently renting it out for £56 a year, a very small amount of money when you talk about the opportunity loss.

“Yes many people use cars, quite legitimately, I have no problem with that. But many people don’t, they want to cycle, they want to walk, and they want to socialise in their streets.”