Cornish energy company transitions into employee owned business

A leading Cornish energy company has become an employee owned business.

Blue Flame is marking its 35th anniversary this year  and founders, Mark Bolitho and Paul Smith, will be retiring.

The transition will take place from April, with long-standing employees Matt Dennison and Grant Doe being appointed as company directors.

Having begun their careers with Blue Flame more than 20 years ago, Matt and Grant are long-established staff members, joining the heating, renewable and electrical company in the early days.

Working their way through the ranks under the watchful eyes of Mark and Paul, they have both spent significant time as apprentices, engineers, technicians, in design and specification roles, as well as department team leaders and over the last several years as senior managers.

It is this strong bond, echoed across the entire business, that Matt and Grant are committed to preserving, using it to build a thriving future for their staff and customers.

Over the years Mark and Paul have constantly recognised the efforts of their team with both founders equally enthusiastic for this move.

Mark said: “We have always considered our incredible team the backbone of our company’s success.

“Transitioning to an employee[1]owner model is Blue Flame’s proactive commitment to preserve our identity, promote employee well-being and provide long-term stability.” Paul continues “Employee ownership aligns the interests of our workforce with our long-term business goals, fostering a sense of shared responsibility, innovation and commitment.”

Both Mark and Paul will step back from Blue Flame in April as Matt and Grant take the reins for this next chapter.

Mark and Paul are confident that they have firmly embedded the Blue Flame values into Matt and Grant, thrilled to see their next generation take the lead.

Matt added: “We have spent over 20 years of our lives dedicated to Blue Flame, working closely under Mark and Paul whilst progressing through the ranks taking the time to understand every angle and aspect of the business.”

Grant said: “I felt a connection with Blue Flame from my first day of work experience and it is a total privilege to be handed this responsibility.”


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