New South West chair announced by CBI

The CBI has appointed a new chair for the South West region.

The organisation has been through a torrid year due to allegations about the behaviour within the organisation.

But as it looks to recover from the crisis which saw many businesses withdraw their support the organisation has unveiled a new chair for the South West.

Carmen Peacock, is head of South West and Wales corporate and institutional banking at Lloyds Bank.

She is taking over from Adrian Bratt who has held the role for the past three years.

Carmen has been a  member of the CBI Regional Council since 2019, helping to promote the South West and collaborating with regional firms to ensure the region is represented on the national stage.

Ben Rhodes, CBI South West Director, said:  “Adrian has provided support to the CBI team and raised the profile of the region and our members during the past three years. I have no doubt he will continue to be a champion for the South West through his continued efforts with the CBI, various regional and national initiatives and Princess Yachts, a truly world-class manufacturer based in Plymouth. I would like to thank him for his commitment and dedication as chair.

“Carmen brings a vast amount of high-level, cross-sector experience, working with some of the biggest household brands across the South West. She has an excellent understanding of the region’s needs through her leadership role at Lloyds Bank and her wider business engagement.”

Carmen Peacock said:  “I am excited to be stepping into the role of CBI South West Regional Chair, and my thanks go to Adrian for his leadership and focus over the last 3 years.”

“2024 has the potential to be ‘era defining’, not just here in the UK, but for many major democracies across the globe and the role of the CBI will be crucial in shaping the agenda for stability, sustainability, and growth across the UK. The South West is home to a dynamic business community, supported by world-class research and education providers and underpinned by amazing natural capital. We must ensure our growth story is compelling, to provide a credible investment proposition to the next and future Governments.”

“Much of what happens in the South West is already world-leading and with the right policies, regulatory environment and availability of finance, our business community will continue to thrive. The region can confidently grow and keep on paving the way towards a sustainable future, embracing digital technology and maximising opportunities to innovate on the regional, national, and international scale.”

“I’m looking forward to working closely with the South West team and members of the Regional Council to ensure their stories and views, together with those of the wider regional membership, form part of the national dialogue, at such a crucial time for business.”

Adrian Bratt said:  “It’s been an honour to have held this role, and to have played my part at the CBI over the last three years.  Through my tenure, we have helped businesses deal with the Covid pandemic and raised the voice of businesses across the South West, bringing business insights to many crucial policy areas.

“I’m certain that these efforts will be carried forward by the incoming Chair. I look forward to seeing the impact Carmen, the Regional Council, and the South West team will have in this important year for business and politics, and wish them all the best. “