New AI community launched in Bristol

A new community has launched in Bristol with the aim of educating, collaborating and communicating around AI.

The new representative body will promote the region as a centre of excellence in AI while contributing to our economic growth.

Launched last week a diverse range of industry, academic and technology experts came together to discuss and showcase what’s happening in AI across the region.

With contributions from EY, Graphcore, Taught by Humans, Data Cubed, Collective Intelligence and University of Bristol, the event showcased insights, best practice and inspiration reflective of the aims of the newly established community.

The brainchild of Abraham Mauleon Amieva, Research Associate at University of Bristol and Founder of the Digital Skills Institute, and Ayush Joshi, Lecturer in Data Science at University of Bristol, the community is specifically focused on facilitating and improving university and industry partnerships.  There is already an established steering board in place boasting support from AI experts Helen Tanner, Founder of Data Cubed, Joyann Boyce, Founder of Included AI and Tim Santos, Director of Product at Graphcore.

Abraham Mauleon said: “University of Bristol has been established in AI academia since the 1970s and arguably boasts some of the strongest credentials across UK Universities, such as a new AI CDT in Practice-Oriented AI, to start in September 2024 and national resource Isambard-AI supercomputer which is being designed and hosted in Bristol.

“As a result, we’ve started to see more b2b collaborations with the University, but it’s time to solidify and optimise those relationships. While the university has much to learn from practitioners, industry partners can equally benefit from the research, innovation and talent coming out of academia.”

Stuart Harrison, director of FinTech West, has joined the AI West steering group and is confident the initiative adds real value to the South West business community, said: “Businesses in the region are at all stages of adoption. Some may be looking to implement the technology but not know how to get started, others may be experimenting but not yet be confident about making the most of the tech. AI West is set up to help organisations that are simply interested, already exploring it or those already using AI.”