South West full fibre firm to become part of nationwide business

Jurassic Fibre

A firm which was set up to bring super-fast broadband to the South West is to become part of a national organisation.

Fern Trading has announced that it is consolidating Jurassic Fibre, Swish Fibre, Giganet and AllPoints Fibre into a single operating entity to accelerate full-fibre delivery across the UK.

The combined group’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) brands will accelerate delivery of a full fibre offering for retail customers across the enlarged network.

The businesses will combine their regional operations and create a national wholesale network during the course of the year.

The industry has seen considerable investment and growth in recent years as operators build market momentum and value.

The unification of the four businesses will enable them to combine their resources, knowledge and expertise to hasten and grow full fibre network access across the UK.

Jarlath Finnegan, currently chief executive of Giganet, will lead the combined group moving forward. He said: “All four companies are excited to build upon the solid foundations they have built over the last few years as a combined force.

“Together, we will become even stronger through exceptional customer service, combined with a relentless focus on technology and product. We’re looking forward to expanding our presence across the country and providing even more customers with access to full fibre connectivity.”

John Browett, chairman of Fern Trading’s fibre division, said: “In the coming years, the UK fibre market is going to experience exponential change, driven by the massive need to ensure homes and businesses in every part of the UK have access to a fast and fairly priced internet service.

“We expect to see continued consolidation within the industry, and by combining these successful businesses now, we will be in a fantastic position to take advantage of those market opportunities as they unfold. Our ambitions have always been high, but today represents the start of even bolder aspirations for our place in the UK fibre sector.”


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