Labour manifesto launch to major on economic growth

Keir Starmer

Labour’s manifesto launch today will put economic growth and wealth creation at the heart of Keir Starmer’s offer.

The media has been briefed that a “business-friendly manifesto” won’t include any new tax rises and will include a further promise to not raise corporation tax, an industrial strategy with clean energy at its centre and a sweep of new planning reforms to encourage developers to build new infrastructure.

The party is also expected to rule out any rises in Capital Gains Tax.

The location of the launch is being kept secret that even Labour candidates are being told to be in Manchester this morning to await further instructions. 

Buoyed by a consistent lead in the polls, and a low energy performance by Rishi Sunak in the Sky News interviews last night, which twice as many viewers polled said Starmer won, the Labour leader is likely to warn his party against complacency in the run up to the 4 July poll.

He is expected to say: “On 4 July, the British people can choose a different path for our country. Stability over pantomime politics; long-term strategy over short-term gimmick; and growth, not decline. That’s the change our manifesto will offer.” will feature business reaction to the manifesto launch throughout the day.