West of England mayor backs plans for community bank hubs

Dan Norris

West of England mayor Dan Norris is backing a campaign in support of local high streets.

The Labour politician wants more “banking hubs” in North East Somerset and Hanham to offset the recent trend of branch closures and breathe life into the area’s high streets.

Access to banking services in the area has been decimated by recent branch closures but Mr Norris is hoping to improve this situation if his party wins the General Election.

North East Somerset and Hanham has lost over half of its high street bank branches since 2015, according to Which.

He is backing Labour’s plans for 350 new hubs to be opened in towns and villages across the country over the next five years, adding to the 50 already introduced in areas – including in Keynsham.

These are shared banking spaces that offer counter service jointly operated by different lenders and the Post Office where customers of major banks and building societies can pay their bills, seek banking advice, and deposit cash and cheques.

He said: “With Labour’s plan to bring banking back to the high street, along with replacing business rates and cutting energy bills for good, we will breathe new life back into North East Somerset and Hanham’s high streets.”