Bristol Conservative candidate is being investigated for General Election bet

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A Conservative candidate standing in a Bristol constituency is being looked into by the Gambling Commission over a bet relating to the timing of the General Election.

Laura Saunders is standing for the Conservatives in Bristol North West and has worked for the party since 2015.

According to reports she worked most recently in the party’s International Division – at Conservative Campaign Headquarters.

The department liaises with other centre-right parties around the world.

A Conservative Party spokesman said: “We have been contacted by the Gambling Commission about a small number of individuals. As the Gambling Commission is an independent body, it wouldn’t be proper to comment further, until any process is concluded.”

Ms Saunders has been approached for comment but is still to respond.

Ms Saunders is the second prospective parliamentary candidate being looked into by the gambling regulator.

Last week Craig Williams, who had been a parliamentary aide to Rishi Sunak, apologised and said he had made a “huge error of judgement” over betting on the date of the General Election.

It has also been  revealed a police officer from the prime minister’s close protection team had been arrested for allegedly betting on the timing of the election.

The officer has been suspended and is under investigation for potential misconduct in public office.

Labour MP Darren Grimes, a shadow treasury spokesperson, is favourite to win the seat.