Historic West Country village gets full fibre broadband

A historic West Country village made has finally been connected to the internet.

Bringing superfast broadband to Clovelly, Devon was Airband’s biggest challenge yet, resulting in the remarkable feat of engineering being recognised by the industry leading INCA Awards.

The picturesque privately-owned Devon village saw Airband, the inclusive broadband provider that brings superfast connections to coastal and country communities, working in close partnership with Connecting Devon and Somerset to undertake a unique and hugely challenging project.

Over 700 hours and 500 trips up and down Clovelly Hill were required to painstakingly lift, preserve, and return the village’s famous cobblestones so that cabling could be installed.

The success of the installation, and with 74 per cent take up by residents and businesses within three months, now sees the project in the running to win the INCA’s Best Community Project Award at a ceremony later this month.

“At Airband we take pride in bringing broadband like never before to coastal and country communities. Clovelly is a truly one-of-a-kind village and presented perhaps the most challenging broadband installation we’ve ever undertaken,” said Redmond Peel, Airband CEO.

Originally owned by William the Conqueror, Clovelly Estate is committed to maintaining the area’s unspoilt environment whilst adapting to the changing demands of its tenants.

“An increasing number of professionals use Clovelly as a base for remote working, and we understand that connectivity is key to the way we now live,” said John Rous, owner of Clovelly Estate.

“Through offering Airband’s high speed broadband and concealing the fibre optics under the famous cobbled street, we are able to remove unsightly telegraph poles in the future, extend the work opportunities in the village, and future proof our properties.”

To preserve the environment and maintain the character of the area, Airband intricately put back each of around 12,000 street cobbles exactly how they were – so you would never know that they had been disturbed.