Financial services firm celebrates six-month milestone

Kat Wellum

Fractional Finance, a financial services firm headquartered in the South West, is marking its six-month milestone with a report of substantial growth.

Founded by Kat Wellum-Kent, Fractional Finance aids owners and teams in comprehending their trajectory without stifling their entrepreneurial spirit.

It acts as a guiding force, ensuring they remain on course while providing insights into potential challenges ahead, allowing proactive adjustments.

In just six months, Fractional Finance has attracted nine new clients and has achieved notable milestones, including assisting a business in the development of an AI tool, contributing to a 67% YoY revenue growth, supporting a SaaS company in its acquisition strategy, collaborating with an early-stage SaaS company undergoing its inaugural funding round and serving as the Chief Financial Officer for a company in the final stages of closing its existing funding round.

Wellum-Kent said, “I’m delighted to be able to report such strong growth figures in the first six months of the business. Starting a business is never an easy journey, but it’s been incredibly rewarding, and the success speaks for itself. I can’t wait to see what the next six months hold for us.”


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