HIVE360 Ltd

A complete solution for payroll and benefits. Give your employees so much more – for less.

When it comes to payroll, HIVE360 takes a holistic view that focuses on delivering compelling cost savings for your business and boosting your employees’ and temp workers’ experience and wellbeing too.

We’re a reliable and expert partner that helps to ease the burden of your critical employment administration and compliance, but we do things a little differently to traditional payroll and benefits providers.

How can HIVE360 help to transform your business?
– We deliver operational support focused on improving – not reducing – your profitability
– We deliver efficiency gains and significant cost savings for all clients
– We take away your payroll and auto enrolment admin burden
– We ensure your full compliance at all times (HMRC, RTI, GLAA, IR35)
– We help you to provide vital 24/7 wellbeing support for your employees [and
– We help you kick start your employee engagement with an enhanced experience and attractive benefits
– Importantly, we help you to attract top talent.

Whether you’re looking to fully outsource your payroll and auto enrolment pension administration, streamline your payroll function, or simply improve on your payslip communication – we’ll design a payroll solution to suit your operation. There’s no setup cost, no capital outlay, and we work to minimise the disruption to your business and your
people throughout implementation.
Our solution will also help you kick start your employee engagement with a sophisticated mobile Engage App platform for your people, included at no cost to your employees, that brings everything together. It’s a win-win.

Bottom line – our solution will help to boost yours.
We work with you to create cost savings on your payroll, pensions administration and benefits, we’ll improve your process efficiencies and reduce your overheads, and add value to your business.
But having a healthy bottom line is only sustainable if you’ve got a healthy and happy workforce, and that’s why we include our brandable mobile Engage App as standard within our solution. Vital support like access to NHS GPs and trained mental health counsellors 24/7, means you can fully support the health and wellbeing of your valued team, not to mention the many other money saving discounts and free online training resources all included within the App.

Let us help you kick start your employee engagement, support stronger profitability and add tangible value to your employer brand.
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