Law firm ceases trading following prosecution by immigration watchdog

A Birmingham law firm embroiled in a scam which provided unregulated immigration advice has ceased trading.

Dan Romulus Dandes and Babbar Ali Jamil, company officers at DDR Legal Services, and Zia Bi, a director of Birmingham-based Burlow & Spencer, were found guilty of six counts relating to 19 offences of providing unqualified immigration advice.

The fraud came to light following 95 complaints being made against one of the companies claiming supervision by DDR Legal Services, Burlow & Spencer, and an investigation by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

Burlow &Spencer has now ceased trading with former clients being advised to contact Fortis Insolvency on 0161 694 9955 in respect of fees paid or the return of documents.

Sentencing has been adjourned until 26 September 2019 at the Old Bailey after consideration of a financial investigation and possible confiscation orders.

Dr Ian Leigh, deputy commissioner of the OISC, said: “In a devious and calculating way over a considerable period of time the scheme put in place by DDR Legal Service LLP, was successful in dishonestly taking a significant amount of money from vulnerable people.

“There was a total disregard for statutory requirements, and they acted in deliberate defiance of the law. The degree of culpability is high, as is the harm they have caused. They owe a considerable amount of money to individuals and by the high number of complaints against Burlow & Spencer Ltd. alone, they have clearly undermined the immigration system.

“These are serious offences that are aggravated by a knowing and calculating disregard of the statutory regime; the sophistication of the offences is reflected by the time and effort put in by officers of the OISC to investigate and prosecute.”