Businesses asked for insight on council’s next two-year budget

Businesses in Tamworth are being asked for their views on how council money should be spent as part of the budget setting process for 2020/2021.

The budget consultation will be a chance for businesses to share their thoughts on the wider economic picture, including and which areas should be prioritised, amid reducing funding for local councils.

It will ask businesses what they feel the main barriers to expansion in Tamworth are and the five main areas that could be improved to assist them and the local economy.

The survey will give the council vital information on what businesses feel the issues are and where they think spending should be focused.

Leader of Tamworth Borough Council, Cllr Daniel Cook, said: “We know that people have strong views on where the council should allocate resources, and getting involved in the Budget Consultation ensures these views can be heard and considered as part of the actual budget setting process.

“Businesses are a key part of that as they play such a vital role in the success of Tamworth as a whole. It is incredibly important that as many businesses as possible let us know what council services matter to them most.

“One of our new strategic priorities is to facilitate future growth and economic prosperity, so it’s important that we understand any issues businesses feel may be preventing that.

The consultation will ask businesses where they are based, why they chose that location, whether their premises will continue to meet future needs and whether they anticipate relocating in the next two years.

The Budget Consultation is now live and will be available on the Tamworth Borough Council website until September 15.

At the end of the consultation, all the responses will go before the Council’s Cabinet for consideration and will help shape the future budgetary spend on council services.