Pets and workers to benefit from dog-friendly offices in post-lockdown Birmingham

More than 3.2 million UK households purchased a pet during the pandemic. Topping the list of the most popular furry friends in the country, dogs now accompany 12 million home-working households enduring social isolation due to the lockdown[1].

But as the UK’s roadmap out of restrictions continues to gain pace, new ‘pawrents’ might be concerned about leaving their four legged friends at home when they eventually return to work.

To help Birmingham workers overcome this worry, Bruntwood Works has made all its coworking and serviced offices in the city dog-friendly, ahead of the anticipated reopening of offices in June – a move which, it says, will reduce separation anxiety in dogs and boost employees’ mental health.

Bruntwood Works provides a range of vibrant office spaces in Birmingham, including the historic Cornwall Buildings which has recently undergone a £1.3m refurbishment, and 110,000 sq ft tower Cornerblock, all of which now also cater for family pups.

Head of Commercial for Birmingham, Matt Wright, said the move is to make the return to work as stress free a process as possible for dogs and dog lovers alike.

He said: “Dog ownership has increased significantly since the pandemic began, as people sought extra company to replace the social connections outside of the home that suddenly became restricted.

“Even pre-Covid-19, we had existing and prospective customers asking for dog friendly workspaces, so accommodating them alongside the rise of people who’ve become dog owners in the last year is a natural next step for us.

“Working alongside dogs is known to boost employee wellbeing, which is a priority for us and our customers, but also means pets who’ve been used to having their owners by their side for months on end don’t have to deal with separation anxiety.”

According to research by the University of Lincoln, employees who bring their dogs into work report 22% higher satisfaction with their working conditions and are 16.5% more likely to be dedicated to their role. A further 33% said being able to work alongside their dog makes them more absorbed in the work they’re doing.

Wright added: “To make dogs feel most welcome, each of our Birmingham buildings will have a dedicated, on-site team who get to know them and their owners – our customers – really well and are always on hand with a steady supply of treats. There are also some lovely outdoor spaces nearby for city centre walks, including Eastside City Park with its internal Science Garden, Sunset Park and Moonlit Park.”

For businesses looking to return to physical offices as we ease out of lockdown, Bruntwood Works is offering new customers the first five months rent for half the price, if you sign up before May 31. Workspaces are available for as little as £47.50 for the first five months.

Wright added: “Lots of individuals have used the lockdown to launch new businesses and want to grow their team in the city, while others simply wish to return to work at their own pace. We wanted to create an offer which enabled both ends of the scale to move into our spaces and make savings as they do so.

“Our serviced spaces range from two person to 26 person offices, meaning we can cater for businesses of all sizes, while our buildings offer everything from open plan coworking lounges, collaborative spaces and shared or dedicated desks, providing a huge amount of choice for different needs.

“Not only that, but our spaces include contemporary interiors, cutting-edge design, 5G connectivity, and retail and leisure spaces to encourage collaboration, creativity and innovation. Plus, everything we do is in accordance with the latest government guidance; all our spaces have been accredited Covid safe by the British Safety Council. With Bruntwood Works, you get much more than simply a space to work from.

“As we venture towards a time when remote working starts to phase out, we want to help the people of Birmingham – and their dogs – to come home to the office, offering them a place which feels familiar and comfortable, and which helps their business to thrive.”

Find out more about the latest five months half rent offer on the Bruntwood Works website.