Developer launches land hunt

Bellway has launched a search for more land in Shrewsbury to add to the 379 homes the developer is already delivering in the town.

Since 2018, Bellway has completed 125 private and affordable homes at The Spinney in Oteley Road and at Copthorne Keep, the regeneration project at the former Copthorne Barracks.

A further 254 homes will be built across the two sites.

Bellway says the developments have proven to be the most popular across its West Midlands patch.

Ben Wright, managing director of Bellway West Midlands, said: “Demand for new homes in Shrewsbury has remained high over the past three years and there is every indication this will continue.

“Across Copthorne Keep and The Spinney we have been able to provide a broad range of homes which have been well received by buyers.

“Both are important sites for the town. The Spinney is the first phase of a new neighbourhood, while Copthorne Keep is creating a new purpose for the historic barracks and we have committed to preserving the 19th Century Keep, converting it to an apartment building.

“We feel confident we have a solid understanding of the local market and are well placed to continue bringing new homes to Shrewsbury, providing land is available in the right locations.”