Augmented reality business added to portfolio of property and finance brokerage

ARMCo, the Birmingham-based property and finance services consultancy, has added another business to its growing portfolio to strengthen its offering to clients in the property sector.

homeAR is a new augmented reality home viewing platform that has been taking New Zealand and America by storm.

The purpose of homeAR is to put potential property buyers inside any floor plans via any modern smartphone, tablet or headset, allowing an immersive on-site walk-through experience in either full scale or table scale.

The SaaS technology helps developers who want to increase return on sales and marketing spend, accelerate sales timeline to close new prospects, deliver a market leading customer experience and minimise change orders and time delays in the build process.

homeAR UK’s MD Phil Moore said: “homeAR offers a unique market advantage that is loved by developers and buyers alike. We have the benefit that the product has already been tried and tested in New Zealand and US, and it’s been hugely successful over there, giving property developers a real headstart with sales on their sites.

“I knew I wanted to launch homeAR up in the UK as soon as I saw it in operation. It is also the perfect addition to the ARMCO portfolio, and hugely complements our other businesses, as well as having a ready made client base in many of ARMCO’s existing clients.”

homeAR founder and CEO Richard Penny said: “We’re very excited to partner with ARMCO to bring homeAR to the UK market. The fundamental challenges we’re solving with our technology – buyer clarity and confidence – are present every time a new home is sold. By putting homeAR in the hands of developers and their teams, we can significantly streamline the buying process to the benefit of all involved. With ARMCO’s market reach and experience, they are the perfect partner to help us achieve this.”

ARMCo founder Russell Martin said: “The addition of homeAR to the ARMCO portfolio comes at the perfect time. We have been busy over the last 12 or so months establishing ARMCO and expanding our range of services through setting up new businesses, each of which has a strong leader at its helm. I see what Phil Moore sees in homeAR and know it will be a great offering for many of our existing property developer clients, and some new clients yet to experience this innovative and exciting product. I am looking forward to seeing it launch and how positively it impacts our existing client base.”