Construction company on track to deliver £100m in social housing

Contractor Seddon is on track to deliver £100m in social housing as its growth in the Midlands continues to accelerate.

The group has seen a 117% turnover in the region since 2018, part of which is the delivery of £94m worth of social housing projects to date.

The £94m of social housing detail has generated around 130 jobs in the area with local employment accounting for 82% of regional work and as growth continues, this figure is set to rise.

Peter Jackson, managing director at Seddon Construction said: “We have been quietly working away in the Midlands for over 80 years and we are perhaps its best kept secret. Our growth is based upon firm foundations of sustained relationships, cultivated around frameworks and good delivery in challenging times. As a business, we pride ourselves on the relationships that we have in place, and we continue to invest in. By having such collaboration with all stakeholders, it allows us to increase our investment in the West Midlands, bringing further employment and prosperity to the area.”

Seddon has worked with West Midlands housing association Citizen for four years. The housing association owns and manages more than 30,000 homes across the region.

The partnership has grown significantly since the delivery of the £300,000 Coventry environmental improvements project, Bell Green estate in Coventry, in 2018.

The partnership has since led to £15m of new build homes in the Coventry area resulting in a £30m relationship for Seddon.

The family-owned contractor was recently awarded a five-year contract from Citizen to deliver fire doors that will play a critical part in safety improvements since the Grenfell tragedy and subsequent Hackitt report.

Seddon will also be partnering with Citizen to help towards the refurbishment of homes across their stock with kitchen and bathroom replacements during 2022.

Another integral part of Seddon’s growth has been its relationship with Sandwell Council, which has seen a turnover of £35m for Seddon.

They are currently working together on Alfred Gunn House, comprising a major internal and external refurbishment to an existing nine-storey tower block, roof extension and loft conversion along with the construction of 16 new homes with significant external landscaping works to the site in Oldbury.

The latest value of this project is around £21m. Works are also currently taking place on Reservoir Road, which is seeing £4.4m of new build properties and an imminent project to start on Britannia Road which will see an additional £2.3m delivery of new builds.

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