More Amazon workers to vote on strike action

More Amazon workers are to vote on whether to strike over pay.

GMB union members in Rugeley, Staffordshire, and Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, will vote in the next few weeks.

It comes after numerous days of industrial action in Coventry which the union says has had a “domino effect”.

Amazon said it regularly reviewed pay to ensure competitive wages and recently announced another increase for UK teams.

The GMB is not recognised in the UK by the US firm, but workers have since submitted a request for union recognition, after the union says it reached the membership threshold for mandatory recognition.

This could mark Amazon’s first union recognition in Europe.

Members are calling for a pay rise from £10.50 to £15 an hour.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “Over the past seven months, our minimum pay has risen by 10% and by more than 37% since 2018.

“We also work hard to provide great benefits, a positive work environment and excellent career opportunities.”

The ballots at Rugeley and Mansfield will run until 9 June.

Amanda Gearing, GMB senior organiser, said: “This escalation will see workers in two further fulfilment centres asked to have their say on downing tools and walking out to deliver pay justice.

“We’ve already seen enormous enthusiasm from workers at Mansfield and Rugeley to take action, now it’ll be up to them how their union moves forward with the campaign.”

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