Battery recycling plant gets the go-ahead

Credit: Recyclus

The first listed UK company focused on battery metals has received final clearance from the Environmental Agency for its lead acid battery recycling plant in Tipton.

Technology Minerals subsidiary Recyclus Group has secured the variation licence to commence fully automated operations, allowing it to enter the commissioning phase.

This final EA licence is a significant milestone as it represents the last required licence for the company at both its Wolverhampton and Tipton plants, paving the way for eight additional plants Recyclus plans to build in the coming years.

The Tipton plant is the first among Recyclus’ planned five lead-acid plants to be located in the UK. The facility has the capacity to recycle up to 15,000 tonnes of lead-acid materials during the first full year of operations. Over the coming years, Recyclus says its committed to scaling up its efforts, with a target of processing a cumulative total of 80,000 tonnes across the subsequent four lead acid plants.

Robin Brundle, Chairman of Technology Minerals, said: “We are delighted to announce that Recyclus has received final approval from the Environment Agency to initiate full automated operations at its lead acid recycling facility in Tipton. This is a significant milestone for Recyclus and represents the first of five lead acid battery recycling facilities the company aims to establish in the UK.”