Refunds set for Edgbaston firework spectators

Fridays display

Edgbaston Stadium will offer refunds to spectators at Saturday’s fireworks event after adverse weather conditions affected the display.

Around 8,500 people attended the Fireworks Spectacular, but mist and lingering smoke from the display severely reduced visibility.

The Club has announced that it will automatically refund the cost of general admission tickets to all ticket buyers, which are currently being processed. This could take up to 28 days to appear in people’s accounts, depending on their bank provider.

Edgbaston Stadium Chief Executive Stuart Cain, said: “Everyone at Edgbaston is gutted. It’s a really popular event, our staff work hard to get it on, and we know families look forward to joining us for what is normally an amazing occasion.

“We had a great fireworks show on Friday evening (shown in photos): visitors enjoyed an amazing display on a clear night.

“But we can’t control the weather and, unfortunately on Saturday, it conspired against us. It was misty and the atmospheric conditions were such that smoke from the fireworks failed to dissipate.

“Smoke hung around in front of some stands and, while some spectators in the Hollies were able to see the show, views elsewhere were badly impacted.

“Other displays in the region had similar issues but, being a stadium, we suffered more than most. I’m really sorry about this and we will be giving people an automatic refund of the ticket price.”

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