Amazon faces largest walkout on Black Friday

On Black Friday workers at Amazon, including more than 1,000 in Coventry, are planning strikes over low pay.

It’s expected to be the biggest day of disruption in Amazon’s thirty-year history. However, Amazon has told that there will be no disruption to customers, as the Coventry site does not directly serve customer orders.

Amanda Gearing, GMB organiser, said: “Amazon has lost nearly thirty days to strike action in the UK this year alone. Despite that, Amazon bosses are desperate to claim it will be business as usual for Amazon and Amazon customers this Black Friday. The truth is that this Black Friday will see the largest day of industrial disruption in Amazon’s thirty-year history. Coventry is the beating heart of Amazon’s distribution network; strike action on Black Friday will ripple throughout the company’s UK logistics.

“With industrial action escalating and workers joining strike action in Europe and the USA, it’s clear that Coventry workers are inspiring Amazon workers worldwide to fight for their share of company profits. As a union representing thousands of Amazon workers, we can no longer in good faith watch as our members walk into unsafe workplaces and endure poverty pay. This is an unprecedented and historic moment, with low-paid workers taking on one of the world’s most powerful corporations”.

In response to the strike, a spokesperson from Amazon said: “We regularly review our pay to ensure we offer competitive wages and benefits. By April 2024, our minimum starting pay will have increased to £12.30 and £13 per hour depending on location, that’s a 20% increase over two years and 50% since 2018. We also work hard to provide great benefits, a positive work environment and excellent career opportunities.

“These are just some of the reasons people want to come and work at Amazon, whether it’s their first job, a seasonal role or an opportunity for them to advance their career. There will be no disruption to customers, as our Coventry site does not directly serve customer orders.”

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