How can I access free advice on business finance?

The most common enquiry received by Business Growth West Midlands’ expert advisers is “How can I secure money to grow?”

Business Growth West Midlands is a service – fully funded by the government – that enables businesses to grow and succeed. Their expert local business advisers provide free, tailored, one-to-one support, guidance, and signposting to assist businesses across all industries.

For businesses where funding is the right next step, there is free support out there to help you secure it, including the Investment Readiness programme.

Investment Readiness is free of charge to join, and it helps small and medium-sized enterprises demystify the world of business finance.

Covering topics such as Asset Finance, Grants, Equity, and Crowdfunding, it helps business owners understand their options and choose the right path. For businesses seeking investment, the programme also helps them create forecasts and business planning documents, and to prepare pitch decks; supporting them to increase their chances of success.

But what if cash flow isn’t going to solve your business challenges? Often those CEOs and Founders who think they need grants or investment to grow find – through a comprehensive review with a Business Adviser – that what they need is additional capability, capacity, or access to customers.

Business Growth West Midlands signposts businesses to the vast range of free and funded support available from providers across the region, identifying the most relevant solutions. They also run their own free webinars and workshops on topics like sales and marketing, giving business owners and entrepreneurs practical advice on reaching their customers.

Mentoring, business planning, upskilling; the types of support that Business Advisers can offer are so often more valuable to a business than funding. If your workforce doesn’t have the skills that match your growth plans, or you don’t have the right connections to meet your goals, no amount of cash will lead to success.

“Business owners need advice from experts when they’re out of their comfort zones or when they find their skill set doesn’t match what’s needed to make their business grow. That’s why support from Business Advisers is so important, and the specialists they
connect you with. This support truly enables businesses to access the knowledge needed to grow”. – Kay Forbes, Founder of Adored Pets Cuisine.

Talk to a Business Adviser in your area today, identify the barriers to your business growth, and get support to overcome them. Visit Business Growth West Midlands for more