Carbon cutting on the cards at Beck Prosper

A BLACK Country manufacturing firm that cut gas and oil consumption at its Midlands based factory by 42% and 31% respectively is now planning to do the same at its plant in Aberdeen.

Beck Prosper, which makes high integrity bolting for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, is also exploring the possibility, with its parent company Beck Industries, of using a British-made energy management system in France, Belgium and Germany.

Total carbon savings at Beck Prosper’s two units in Kingswinford amounted to 37 tonnes of CO2 as a result of fitting heating control technology from engineering firm Vickers Electronics, part of the Vickers Energy Group.

Phil Gibbard, commercial manager at Beck Prosper, said: “We have secured a new ten-year lease on the two buildings in Kingswinford and, in view of these outstanding results, Vickers Electronics has been commissioned to provide a range of solutions to reduce all other energy consumption at the site.

“In addition, the energy trust will carry out a carbon audit at our premises in Aberdeen and we will almost certainly install a Vickers system along with other energy saving technologies.

“We are in an industry where there is a lot of pressure to cut CO2 emissions and many of our global oil and gas customers are increasingly asking what we are doing to help build a low carbon economy. Vickers technology represents a convincing answer.” 

Beck Prosper employs 175 people and operates from three sites in the UK – Kingswinford, Aberdeen and Kilmarnock. It is part of the Beck Industries Group which is headquartered at Armentières in northern France and has two manufacturing sites in the country, along with factories in Lokeren, Belgium, and Hagen in Germany.