6 common mistakes that could be holding back your career

There are lots of possible reasons why you didn’t get the promotion you thought was rightfully yours, but perhaps the reason lies close to home…

1. Cutting corners

When you’re good, you’re great – right? But what about those times when you’re below-par? If you gain a reputation for sometimes cutting corners or delivering the minimum expected, it will outweigh the positives of when you’re on top form. 

2. Lacking passion

Being solely in it for the money – of course it’s a factor in wanting to rise through the ranks, but if you want to succeed in your career you need to show you care about what you do and believe that it is an important role to play.

If you are not passionate about what you do, it may be time to consider another career path.

3. Overestimating yourself

Saying yes to extra projects is a great way to show your manager that you want to help the organisation further and are ready to take on additional responsibilities.

However, if you take on too much work or aren’t qualified to do the work you’ve taken on, then it can be counterproductive.

4. You only have short-term goals

You should understand what you are doing and how it affects you, your company and your colleagues. Completing work with no regard for the long-term effects may suggest that you’re selfish and don’t care about the direction or success of the company.

5. Unprofessional social media presence

When was the last time that you really went through your social media and deleted pictures or words that might reflect badly on yourself?

Always make sure your social media is professional or hidden, even if it’s posts from years ago, they could still harm your career later in life.

6. You don’t network

Networking can help you make lifelong contacts, helping your career both now and in the future.

Effective networking can also help you find your next position, as you never know when a contact will come in handy. It also shows that you have wider horizons that your own work bubble.

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