Masts mounted for Birmingham’s 4G tech trial

MASTS have been erected in Birmingham in preparation for a trial of 4G technology.

The high-tech communication installations have been mounted on a building in Birmingham Science Park Aston as a test-bed for assessing the potential benefits to the city of a 4G mobile network.

The technology is set to revolutionise mobile broadband by offering greater connection speeds than the 3G network.

Birmingham has been selected by network provider UK Broadband as a priority city to trial the new technology.

Birmingham City Council, Digital Birmingham and Birmingham Science Park Aston are working with the company on the trial to assess the potential of a city-wide wireless infrastructure.

If successful, Birmingham will be better placed to implement 4G at the earliest opportunity.

Colin Winstone, vice-president of sales and marketing for UK Broadband, said: “We selected Birmingham as a priority city to trial 4G technology because Birmingham City Council is committed to spearheading digital districts and understands the vast potential of the latest communications technology.

“The masts that are currently being installed at Birmingham Science Park Aston will enable us to demonstrate the capability of 4G technology in one location and we can also draw on our experiences of making Hong Kong a true wireless city.”

BSPA managing director David Hardman  added: “We are delighted that UK Broadband has chosen to trial 4G technology at Birmingham Science Park Aston.

“The ultra-fast connection speed and capabilities of 4G will be of vast benefit to all the technology and gaming companies that are based at the park, indeed 4G will provide a new platform for next-generation mobile services and games.

“The test-bed will hopefully become a spring-board for future expansion of the 4G network.”

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