Electric taxi project secures £1.9m

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Electric taxis are set for the roads of West Yorkshire after £1.9m was secured for the project.

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority secured the Government funding to support ultra-low emission electric taxi and private hire cars on the region’s roads.

88 dedicated taxi and private hire charge points will be installed at public transport and taxi operations across West Yorkshire.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Chair Cllr Keith Wakefield said: “This funding will enable to the Combined Authority to roll out dedicated charging point infrastructure across West Yorkshire, which is forecast to result in 500 diesel taxis and private hire vehicles being converted to hybrid and pure electric versions by 2020.

“This change would improve Nitrogen Dioxide emissions by as much as 18%, which is in line with the our Strategic Economic Plan’s target of developing Clean Energy and Environmental Resilience for Leeds City Region.”

Leeds will be one of five UK cities implementing Clean Air Zones in 2020 that will affect taxi and private hire vehicles operating in Leeds.

Cllr Wakefield continued: “This latest development will add to the range of projects the Combined Authority has already carried out to alleviate air pollution and reduce local carbon emissions.

“Last year we opened two new rail stations, at Apperley Bridge and Kirkstall Forge with a third open shortly at Low Moor, enabling more people to travel more sustainably.

“Elland Road Park and Ride is already taking traffic off Leeds city centre streets and recently we doubled its size to 800 spaces. Another 1000 space Park and Ride is due to open at Temple Green in east Leeds in June. Electric vehicles can be charged at both sites.

“Thanks to successful bids for DfT funding the Combined Authority’s fleet of yellow school buses has been fitted with clean bus technology and last year our Access Bus fleet also went ‘green’. And we are working with local bus operators to ensure their vehicles meeting the latest emissions standards through the just launched Bus 18 initiative.”