Theatre production takes to the stage in electrical wholesalers

Leeds-based electrical wholesalers Albion Electric has become the unlikely location for a unique theatre performance.

The Red Ladder Theatre Company will perform The Shed Crew at Albion Electric Stores Limited, South Accommodation Road. The performances run until Sunday 1 October and are supported by businesses Allied Glass and Strategic Team Group.

Based on true events in the 1990s, The Shed Crew is based on the best-selling memoir Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew, which tells the true-life story of former social worker ‘Chop’ and his encounter with a group of dispossessed youths living chaotic lives on an inner-city Leeds estate.

Adapted from Bernard Hare’s best-selling 2005 book by award-winning playwright Kevin Fegan, the innovative staging takes the play out of a traditional theatre setting and onto a custom-built set within Albion Electrics’ warehouse premises, where the story unfolds all around audiences in a powerful immersive experience.

Chris Lloyd, Red Ladder Theatre Company’s producer, said: ‘By allowing us the use of Albion Electric as a performance space we’ve been able to create a truly unique live experience outside of a non-traditional theatre setting, just a stones-throw from the neighbourhoods where the events of the book took place.

“Allied Glass and Strategic Team Group are helping us to further break down barriers to engagement by ensuring The Shed Crew is an experience for local communities, not just your usual theatre audiences.”

 Craig Jefferies, Joint Managing Director of Albion Electric, said; “For a number of years Albion Electric has provided storage for Leeds-based theatre companies and Red Ladder Theatre Company keeps sets within the warehouse. I couldn’t help but be impressed with their enthusiasm and commitment to producing high quality theatre experiences through thought-provoking plays.

“Producer Chris Lloyd made an initial suggestion of using the storage space as a set, an unusual proposal, but as you find over time spent with Red Ladder there’s a steely determination to make things happen, and so we got on board. Breaking down barriers to theatre attendance through their productions and locations has run consistently throughout Red Ladder’s arts programming for approaching 50 years and we’re delighted to be sponsoring this ambitious production.”