My Yorkshire: James Cook, Partner in the Property team at Blacks Solicitors

James Cook, Partner in the Property team at Blacks Solicitors, based at City Point in King Street, Leeds.

Where do you live/where are you from?

I live in Roundhay, Leeds. I’m from Leeds originally and went to Roundhay School so I haven’t moved far.

What is your favourite place to visit in Yorkshire and why?

It would have to be Buckden (combining a walk up Buckden Pike with the Buckden-Cray-Hubberholme circular walk). My earliest memory of the Dales as a child was walking up Buckden Pike. The view of the Wharfedale Valley between Cray and Hubberholme is spectacular.

What is still on your “to do” list in the region?

Every parkrun in Yorkshire.

What is the most memorable meal you’ve ever had in Yorkshire?

My wife and I had a fantastic wedding anniversary meal at The Wensleydale Heifer a few years ago which included an amazing miniature desserts platter. We even managed to combine it with a walk to Aysgill Force to help work off the meal.

What is your most Yorkshire trait?

Yorkshire Puddings must be homemade!

Favourite piece of trivia about the region?

I won’t be the first to pick this but I like the fact that if Yorkshire were an independent country it would have come twelfth on the medals table at the 2012 London Olympics.

What is your favourite cultural icon to come out of Yorkshire?

In terms of people, many might say I should choose Captain James Cook! But I’ll go for Headingley Stadium, the real home of rugby league and cricket.

Worst experience or thing about Yorkshire?

Yorkshire (and the north generally) has deserved greater investment in transport infrastructure from the Government for many years.

What is one thing you’d steal from Lancashire (or other UK regions) if you could?

On a related note, I would steal Newcastle’s Metro system for Leeds. I’m married to a Geordie and I get jealous every time we go up there and use it.

What is the most overrated thing about Yorkshire?

The usual stereotypes. Far from being dour and ‘tight-fisted’ the people of Yorkshire are generous, happy and proud of their county.