Pipe manufacturer uses its expertise to help NHS

A Barnsley manufacturing company, the Naylor Group, has been working to support the NHS.

Rather than creating its usual products of clay and plastic pipes for “below ground” use on construction projects, Naylor’s Wombwell site has been making ventilation duct for emergency medical facilities, including the Nightingale hospital in London’s Docklands.

The product is being used to ventilate and temperature control the temporary facility, which has the capacity to house 4,000 beds.

Additionally, Naylor’s extruded cable filler has been used as part of cabling works on the same site as well as other schemes such as a temporary hospital in Milan.

Naylor CEO, Edward Naylor, said: “We’re very proud of the teams who are working day and night to help ensure these vital projects can be commissioned as quickly as possible.

“Enquiries for other healthcare-related schemes are being received on a daily basis and we’re doing whatever we can to help.”

Councillor Tim Cheetham, cabinet spokesman for regeneration and culture, said: “Seeing Barnsley businesses doing all they can is something that we should be incredibly proud of.

“Recognising that they have an expertise and a role to play in this crisis will undoubtedly help to save lives.”