Medical startup providing life-saving equipment

A Huddersfield-based medical supply startup,, has pledged to help local businesses meet Government guidance for health and safety.

The firm has been heavily involved in tackling the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment over the last four months as frontline health workers struggled to get access to the required PPE.

Numerous organisations, including major dental suppliers and local NHS departments, have had their PPE facilitated by the company’s growing procurement portal.

It is now also turning its attention to local businesses who must meet Government guidelines to ensure a gradual, safe return to normality for people across the region.

Organisations and businesses looking to procure face masks, gowns, gloves, sanitisers and other PPE are can contact the company directly.

Adnan Rasool, director at, said: “We’ve been proud to work with our partners to secure PPE for those that needed it during the pandemic, and have helped organisations such as care homes, dentists and the NHS access millions of products including masks, gowns and hand sanitizer.

“As we look to the future, businesses have a responsibility now to ensure their customers are safe, and we implore them to procure vital PPE if they are working in any industry that brings them into close contact with the general public.

“We have implemented four layers of stringent security and quality control standards for our manufacturers, which has given such large organisations like the NHS the confidence to work with us.

“Every transaction has a medical supply procurement manager who oversees the process, ensuring all business is conducted ethically, efficiently and with full legal protection.

“It has been an incredibly challenging task helping so many on the frontlines, but we’re looking forward to doing our bit to restart the local economy.”