Agency to cut jobs as it refocuses for the future

Leeds-based digital marketing agency Edit has announced redundancies are likely as a result of a”strategic refocusing” of the business.

The agency which has 86 staff and is part of Kin+Carta, and works with brands including Legal and General, RAC and the Brit said that although the current pandemic had impacted it, “it has not been the driving force of these decisions”.

Chief Strategy Officer Rob McGowan, explained that the strategic changes were designed to “demonstrate the greatest depth of market leading capability” and to deliver growth in its “core strengths” of Intelligent Data, Transformational CRM and Connected Acquisition.

When approach McGowan with regards to timescales and potential job losses, he highlighted that the agency was currently working through things and nothing has been finalised.

McGowan added in an official statement, “These are difficult decisions, but they are decisions that must be taken in order to focus on our core strengths. Everything we deliver will be rooted in data and technology.

“Fundamentally, we are focussing around the core strengths of the business and aligning more closely to the Kin+Carta connective. Our data and technology teams continue to pick up awards and we are structuring the business to deliver growth in these areas.

“We will continue with our decision to focus on the use of data and technology to drive innovative marketing solutions and prioritise investment in these areas.”

The restructuring comes after the firm announced plans to grow in 2020 with a move in January to No.1 Whitehall Riverside, where it took the whole third floor.

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