‘Restart, recovery and renewal’ plan unveiled

Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones has outlined a plan to help the borough bounce back from the effects of the pandemic.

The full plan is expected to launch at the end of July, with an emphasis on “restart, recovery and renewal”.

Jones said: “The last eight months have stretched Doncaster’s resolve, resources and resilience like never before. Firstly with the devastating floods and then the pandemic which we are now 18 weeks in to.

“Our teams have worked flat out to support businesses with £53.3m being paid out to over 4,700 businesses, with so far an additional 89 awards made to a value of £588,000 to businesses eligible for the discretionary grants scheme.

“Throughout, the focus has been on the safety and well-being of residents and supporting local businesses. This will absolutely continue as we adapt to what remains a volatile situation.

“At the same time, now is the time to reassure you that I have not lost sight of our ambitions and the next six months will start the transition towards building a better borough.”

She said recovering from the economic effects of Coronavirus is at the heart of the plan.

This will include refocusing resources to support local jobs and helping people to gain new skills and employment, as well as encouraging and supporting a buy local economy.

Jones added: “Doncaster Council will continue to invest in building projects which will bring much needed jobs and economic growth to the area.

“Coupled with that, we are working with other local councils, the Sheffield City Region and partners in developing our economic opportunities and helping businesses and our borough to thrive.

“This planning has not stopped throughout the pandemic and we need to be able to help Doncaster to bounce back well.

“The recent South Yorkshire devolution deal will pave the way for new powers and multi-million pounds worth of funding as we move forward.

“And of course, I have my eyes set on a bigger Yorkshire-wide deal in the future with even more potential for us and the place.

“There are opportunities ahead of us while we remain realistic, and not complacent, of the challenging times we are all in.

“By working together as we get through this pandemic and beyond it, I believe we can help to restart, recover and renew the fortunes of our borough.”