Manufacturer strikes post-Brexit Benelux deal

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A manufacturer of dry break couplings for the petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical sectors has struck a deal with a European partner to sell its British designs to customers in Belgium, Holland and Luxemburg.

The partnership with couplings specialist Acess Benelux will enable Smartflow Couplings to export its entire range of fluid transfer products, which have been developed at its site in Grimsby.

The deal means Acess will become an exclusive distributor for Smartflow products in the Benelux region.

Gary Thompson, managing director of Smartflow Couplings, which also has a base in Harrogate, said: “We are delighted to have agreed a deal with Acess which will enable us to reach new European markets.

“This is a particularly important partnership for us in the wake of Brexit and paves the way for similar trading agreements worldwide following the successful trial of our latest fluid transfer innovations here in the UK.”

Stefan Inghels, managing director of Acess, said: “As a well-established specialist in the couplings market in Europe, this deal gives our network of customers access to a new premium product, designed and produced in the UK.

“Smartflow’s couplings are characterised by their high reliability, high flow and leak-proof qualities.

“These features, along with the range of sizes and materials available, make them highly sought after by producers in the petrochemical, chemical, food and pharmacy sectors and other environments where safety and efficiency are paramount.”