‘Life-changing’ health therapy expands in Yorkshire

Ian Andrews

A Sheffield businessman has joined forces with an ex-professional footballer to expand the availability of Molecular Bio-Physical Stimulation (MBST) therapy across the UK.

Sheffield-based chiropractic clinic, Chiro First, will become only the second place in the North of England to become home to MBST.

After Andrew Sharman underwent this treatment for crippling osteoarthritis at Nottingham’s Oakwood Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre in September 2020, he knew he wanted to increase the availability of the therapy in his home city of Sheffield.

He joined forces with ex-footballer and physiotherapist Ian Andrews. The pair have now launched ‘Oakwood MBST at Chiro First’, with the first appointments taking place this month.

Located on Abbeydale Road South in the Millhouses area of South West Sheffield, Chiro First is one of just 12 clinics in the UK to offer MBST. However, Andrews plans to expand across the North, with additional clinics planned.

Sharman said: “After being treated by Ian and experiencing first hand how trustworthy and knowledgeable he and his team are, and being pain-free five-months post-therapy, I jumped at the chance to be part of Oakwood MBST in Sheffield.

“Having MBST turned my life around and has allowed me to avoid surgery, and now I want to help to make it available to as many people as possible.”

Andrews added: “This pioneering therapy has actually been in the UK for over ten years, and has helped thousands of different people, from teenagers who have suffered broken bones, to pensioners with arthritis, and even elite athletes such as boxer Johnny Nelson, who we successfully treated with MBST for his lower back problems and hand injuries”.

The technology works by stimulating damaged and degenerated cartilage, bone, ligament, tendon and muscle cells to encourage repair and regrowth.

Once the cells of the affected area or injury have been sufficiently stimulated from MBST therapy, the cells will continue to grow and develop by themselves, reducing pain and enabling greater mobility.