Manufacturer keeps the fizz in Latin American soft drinks market

A business that helps soft drinks manufacturers maintain the fizz in their beverages for longer is expanding operations to meet rising demand from Latin and South American countries.

Located in Horsforth, CO2 Sustain LTD, makers of patented liquid foam control and carbonation aid, CO2Sustain, has almost trebled output to Latin America over the past three years, with a sales growth of 280%.

Having a dedicated business focus on supporting growth in the Latin American market for the past five years has resulted in sales from this region accounting for 50% of total global sales in CO2 Sustain LTD’s last financial year, with no signs of any imminent slowdown despite COVID-19.

Latin America represents 24.3% of the global carbonated beverage market.

Designed for carbonated beverages including fizzy soft drinks, mixers, alcopops, and cider, adding the solution-based CO2 Sustain to the beverage offers manufacturers and brands the ability to retain and extend carbonation, giving consumers longer lasting fizzy drinks.

Following months of overseas travel restrictions, the company revised its operations allowing new and existing clients and customers based across the world to receive uninterrupted service.

After installing a brand new carbonator at its onsite laboratory mid-lockdown, the business’s team of scientists were capable of adding CO2 Sustain to remotely test and solve any issues with beverage products from overseas.

Luis Robles, business development specialist at the company, said: “The Latin American market represents a huge growth opportunity for us where there is constant demand for our product and expertise.

“The last 12 months have seen six-figure investment in our equipment, technology and personnel to meet this.

“It is a key market for us as a business because four out of the top 10 countries in terms of per capita consumption of carbonated beverages are in the region – Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay – with Mexico and Brazil among the countries with the highest consumption in terms of volume in the world.

“Manufacturers in Latin America face many challenges ranging from enhancing fizziness perception and foam control during the filling process to carbonation shelf life and keeping operational costs lean.

“Using CO2 Sustain helps them address these challenges through our patented bubble encapsulation technology, which helps reduce bubble size and keep CO2 inside the liquid for a longer time.

“Throughout the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, we have continued to help our customers, some of whom remain in strict lockdown, to achieve crucial additional operational savings.”