More client wins for Yorkshire digital agency

Matthew Williams
X The Business Desk

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Quba, a Sheffield-based digital agency, has added insurance broking network the Bravo Group and sexual health testing company Preventx to its growing list of clients.

Quba will be developing a platform for Bravo’s Ethos Broking brand, building a multi-site web platform that enables Ethos to consolidate its web presence and cascade content across its nationwide network of insurance brokers.

Preventx is a Sheffield-based group that provides sexual health testing services across the UK. Quba will be building a new corporate website for the group and a large new e-commerce platform for its B2C ‘Test Me’ brand.

Quba’s MD, Matthew Williams, said: “Following the pandemic, it is encouraging to see companies investing in their digital strategy.

“We are delighted to be working with Bravo Group and Preventx on these digital transformation projects.

“They are great examples of how companies are using web technology to improve their customer experience.

“The last few months have seen an increase in demand for new services confirming Government projections of a rise in spending. As a result, we’ve been working on new systems and procedures to cope with new work.”