Restructuring investors aiming to shake up insolvency practitioner market

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Private equity and special situations institutional investor Sandton Capital Partners has launched an enhanced partnership with AWH Solicitors, Credit Style and Tresartis to offer a one stop shop solution for Insolvency Practitioners. (IPs)

Sandton has a track record of providing funding in situations too complex for traditional capital sources.

The partnerships with AWH, Sheffield-based Credit Style and Tresartis are designed to demonstrate Sandton’s commitment to deliver a reliable turnkey solution that makes it easier for IPs to maximise value for creditors.

Launching the new IP Unlock brand, Sandton aims to offer a service bringing together three industry specialists with tailored products to complement Sandton’s existing strategy of investing in corporates.

Credit Style has teamed up with Sandton to acquire debtor books to provide certainty on returns to company creditors.

Credit Style’s team use software systems and its own platform for consumer and commercial debt collections.

It provides services that support the entire delinquency journey of a debtor backed up by a technology platform that delivers fast and reliable results.

AWH is a specialist law firm serving the high volume consumer law market, notably Personal Injury WIP books and firms.

It acquires consumer law firms in a distressed position and has completed seven deals since 2017.

Tresartis is a new entrant that purchases claims or provides funding for IPs to litigate promising cases which may otherwise struggle to realise potential for creditors due to lack of financial resources.

Its model has been designed following deep research within the insolvency sector.

Sandton has assembled an experienced team, leveraging not just its deep, practical and commercial knowledge of relevant insolvency regimes, but also employing specialist insolvency litigation solicitors and barrister Justina Stewart of Outer Temple Chambers.

She is ranked as a Leading Junior in Insolvency Litigation, Commercial Litigation, and Banking and Finance, and has extensive litigation funding and ATE insurance experience.

Matt Meehan, head of Sandton UK, said: “Statistically, more businesses fail on their way out of a recession than on the way in or during, and when the Government schemes and support measures comes to an end, we will see a wave of distressed companies as many businesses struggle to repay the debt.

“Our new offering brings together three industry specialists plus Sandton’s traditional corporate investor role within one package that makes life easier for everyone.

“Our speed of execution and expertise sets us apart and meets the demand of IPs seeking solutions that deliver faster results that maximise value.”